if i was a rapper i'd be called vitamin e
but ur hair is perfect

and charities need money

do you enjoy doing meet-ups and panels at Playlist, Vidcon, SitC, etc? <33

It depends… I love meeting people but sometimes it can get very stressful when it’s not supervised

Do you miss Jason?

He’s one of my close friends, so obviously…

are you going to be recording you shaving your head and uploading it?x


hi I was wondering if you know what time you'll be shaving your hair off at summer in the city yet?

It’ll be late Sunday evening

You said not too long ago that your viewers are 45% male. That seems to be a much greater proportion than most vloggers. Has it always been that way and do you think there are any reasons for this?

It’s totally different to other vloggers. Probably because a lot of my subs came from NerdCubed and TomSka.

Are you planning to donate your hair to charity after you shave it ?

No charity in the world would take it, as I’ve said multiple times


Emma blackery we see you unliking and liking our posts..???

I go through my tags. I accidentally liked it as I was scrolling.