if i was a rapper i'd be called vitamin e
What events are you going to at sitc? Are you going to be in the Emma blackery meet and greet queue? ^-^ xx


no haha. i don’t want to queue for hours to say hi to a friend. i’ll see if she wants to hang out after if she has time.
i’ll be in the pj queue for my friend sian but other than that i’ll just be milling around ally pally!!💕

I will find time to hang with you bby


The days news, in one photo

Hi! You know the tie dye shirts you are doing for SITC, are you selling them or will they be a free thing?xx

Selling! I wish I could spend thousands of pounds on shirts and dye and spend literally entire DAYS dyeing them by hand just to give them away!

If I was to rape you and you liked it would you tell the police??

**I’m on my phone guys, so I can’t tag as a TW. Scroll past quickly if this affects you.**

Okay, firstly, to mention rape so casually is not only disturbing but fucking disgusting. “If” you rape me? Thinking about it? No one should ever just ponder on “if” they were to rape someone.

Secondly, if you were to rape me, which means to indulge in sexual activities with me against me will, I would not fucking enjoy it. So that’s out of the question. Let me put it to you in a simple manner: if you were to successfully rape me, if rape can be considered a conquest, then yes, I would report you.

Go on, tell me you were ‘just wondering’ or ‘only joking’. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people who will read this message who will be happy to explain in detail how deplorable this message is.

emma idk why I'm asking but I reckon you might be able to help me. So after months of liking this guy when the chance came to date him I didn't want to anymore even though he's one of the best guys in the whole world. Was I wrong to dismiss the chance because he wasn't what I wanted anymore???

Not at all. If your heart wasn’t in it, you did the right thing.

Hey! I was just wondering whether you're doing any kind of meetup at SITC?😊

Yeah I will be! Doing a meet and greet, some panels and performing!