if i was a rapper i'd be called vitamin e


Emma’s new video was interesting….

I've heard a couple of Youtubers say that their hits take a dive when school starts, does it line up with that? Apologies if you've already thought of this! <3

Usually only affects views, but in my case, people are unsubscribing in their hundreds with every video I upload. People don’t unsubscribe cos they’re back at school! It’s literally 700 people on the day of upload going “I don’t want to watch her anymore” despite me working super hard to make my videos as entertaining as I can!

Wigs and things.

Hey guys. I don’t usually make blog posts on here, not unless there’s something I feel I really need to talk about that concerns both myself and all of you!

As many of you are more than aware, I shaved my head to help raise money for five charities last month! We raised a total of £26,001, which meant an incredible £5200 was given to those who need it more than us. In the run up to this event, I was so excited to go through with my promise, although there was always that niggling self-doubt. Would I suit having no hair? Would people find me ugly? Would I become “just that girl who shaved her head”? Fortunately, the support you guys gave (and still give!) me made me realise that no matter what, we were raising an incredible amount of money, and even though I had bought a human hair wig which I was prepared to wear in my videos after my head was shaved, you guys made me believe I didn’t need to wear it, and to this day, never have.

However, since that incredible weekend, things in my life have been going a little downhill. Many people are unsubscribing from my channel, despite me (in my opinion) working a lot harder on recent videos. My videos are being viewed a lot less than they used to be. That on top of personally just feeling very self-conscious at times with my lack of hair (you do not want to know how many nights I have cried to my boyfriend and parents about how I now perceive my appearance - I am aware many people suffer with diseases and illnesses which mean a lack of hair is not their choice, but I can’t help the sadness I feel sometimes!) have made me wonder if there’s something I can do for myself, and to some extension, you. Therefore, I’ve decided to try wearing a wig for a few videos in the near future. I want to treat all 766,000 of you as equal - because you are. And if there are some of you out there who feel as though you don’t want to watch my videos because of my hair, yes, it sucks (and I can imagine many of you saying “screw those people!”) but I feel I owe it to anyone who watches me to try and make them happy, like they perhaps were when I was making videos with hair.

I want to outline a couple of things:

This is a very bizarre text post. I am honestly petrified to hear what you think. I will be turning my ask box back on temporarily for anyone who wishes to ask me questions. Again, this is my decision, and I hope you understand and support me in doing this. I just haven’t been happy in myself recently, and the recent shift in people unsubscribing/not viewing my videos has added to this. Ultimately, the idea of raising £26,001 for charity was not to make me ‘bald’ forever. Shaving my head was the incentive (simply because I don’t think me making a video saying “please donate!” would have been anywhere near as successful) but the money raised was always the main focus of what I chose to do.

Love always,

Emma Blackery




Time to grt off tumblr



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i do not understand the big obsession with pop punk 

i cant hear you over how much i hate my town





I laughed so hard at the word poots

These poots are made for walkin